Ceimin® PTFE Sealing Lip

Ceimin® Material Comply with FDA/MSDS/RoHS Certification. More than 50 kinds of Seal Type and Seal Material Compound available.

Such as:

    • PTFE – White, FDA approved;  Polyfluortetraethylene,Pure white PTFE, FDA food grade, low sliding speed and pressure.
    • PTFE Filled CF,Balck; Black PTFE filled in carbon, good sliding and wear properties, ideal for Fluid.
    • PTFE Filled GF, Balck; High tensile strength, high wear resistance seal, FDA food grade, rotary shaft seal.。
    • PTFE Filled GF+MOs, Black; high pressure/speed resistance, ideal for screw air compressor.。
    • PTFE Modified, Yellow; Low hardness, oil-free self-lubricating, suitable for low hardness shaft, FDA food grade, vacuum environment sealing.

Note:Most of our stock are PTFE with Glass Fiber and Molybdenum Disulfide, black lip with clockwise hydrodynamic return feed sprial groove. Lip