ADP122 Vacuum Pump Seal


Question: What’s the material of the seal?

Answer: Lip material is filled PTFE; Housing material is SUS304.

Question: What’s the size AxBxC in your size chart?

Answer: A=shaft diameter, B=Seal OD, C=Seal width.

Question: What’s the difference between Counterclockwise/CCW and Clockwise/CW?

Answer: That means shaft rotate direction from lower pressure side. Correct direction for longer service time.

CSL=Single Lip , CDL=Double Lip , SML=Separate Media Lip , CTL=Triple Lip.

CW=Clockwise , CCW=Counterclockwise , BD=Bi-directional.

CW/CCW/BD means shaft rotate direction from lower pressure side.

Question: Is the seal for High Pressure, High Rotate Speed, High temperature?

Answer: Pressure: vacuum to 1.5Mpa (special type 6Mpa); Speed: 25m/s (special type 40m/s); Temperature: -60 C to +260 C

Question: Is there any shaft/bore design difference bettwen PTFE oil seal and TC/SC?

Answer: The only one differnce is PTFE oil seal require shaft hardnees upto HRC55, pls combine our Bushings for unhardend shaft.

Question: How long is the seal’s service life?

Answer: Tested life is 8000 hours with condition: pressure 1.5Mpa, rotate speed 15m/s, temperature 200 C, media lubrication oil.

Question: How long is the lead time?

Answer: We’ll ship out in 24 hours when IN STOCK.

Question: How long can we receive the seals?

Answer: 5-7days by DHL/Fedex. 15-30days by AliExpress Premium Shipping. 30-60days by AliExpress Standard Shipping.

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