10 Sep 2016
September 10, 2016

Ceimin® Seal Material List

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Seal Material Compound

CompoundMaterialColorTEM(℃)Hardness (Shore)REQ Shaft H.Recommended
1760PTFEWH-60/240D62170HBPolyfluortetraethylene,Pure white PTFE, FDA food grade, low sliding speed and pressure.
1761Modified PTFEWH-60/260D62170HBImprove from 1761, Better creep resistance, Pure white PTFE, FDA food grade, low sliding speed and pressure.
1776PTFE+CFBK-60/290D6558HRCBlack PTFE filled in carbon, good sliding and wear properties, ideal for Fluid.
1777Modified PTFEBK-60/290D6558HRCImprove from 1777, Outstanding high temperature and corrosion resistance, suitable for cement mortar, dust sealing.
1779Modified PTFEBK-60/290D6558HRCHigher hardness and creep resistance suitable for cement mortar sealing.
1844Modified PTFEWH-60/300D60100HBOutstanding corrosion resistance, high wear resistance seal, FDA food grade, hydrofluoric acid seal.
1845Modified PTFEWH-60/300D61100HBHigher Elongation, high wear resistance seal, FDA food grade, food grade powder/fluids shaft seal.
1846PTFE+GFWH-60/300D6058HRCWhite PTFE filled in Glass Fibber. High tensile strength, high wear resistance seal.
1847Modified PTFEWH-60/300D6358HRCImprove from 1846, High tensile strength, high wear resistance seal, FDA food grade, food grade powder seal.
1850Modified PTFEYE-60/300D6058HRCPowder and grinding medium seal, high clean type, semiconductor vacuum pump system seal.
1852Modified PTFEYE-60/300D6250HRCFuel-air mixture sealing. Special for Motor, Low pressure high speed rotary, excellent elongation performance. Oil/Powder less Sealing. Creamy grease Sealing.
1865Modified PTFEBK-60/300D6458HRCBlack PTFE filled in MoS2, high pressure/speed resistance, Oil/Powder flooded sealing. Ideal for screw air compressor, Mixer.
2159Modified PTFEBK-60/300D6260HRCImproved from 1865, ideal for Oil and Powder flooded sealing.
2160Modified PTFEBK-60/300D6360HRCImproved from 2159, ideal for High pressure, Oil and Powder sealing.
3160Modified PTFEBK-90/300D50170HBSelf lubrication, conductivity, corrosion resistance, suitable for corrosive gas seal.
3180Modified PTFEBK-90/300D66170HBSelf lubrication, conductivity, corrosion resistance, suitable for water seal.
3952Modified PTFEBK-60/300D50170HBSelf lubrication, conductivity, corrosion resistance, suitable for underwater sealing.
3954Modified PTFEBGE-60/300D60170HBHigh creep resistance, oil-free self-lubricating, FDA food grade, suitable for low hardness shaft, corrosive environment sealing.
3965Modified PTFEYE-90/300D60170HBLow hardness, oil-free self-lubricating, suitable for low hardness shaft, FDA food grade, vacuum environment sealing. Gas/Creamy grease Sealing.
3976Modified PTFEBN-90/300D64170HBLow hardness, oil-free self-lubricating, suitable for low hardness, FDA food grade, high-speed environment.
3985Modified PTFEBK-200/200D64170HBLow hardness, oil-free self-lubricating, suitable for low hardness shaft, low temperature environment.
4005UPEWH-260/100D55170HBUltra-high molecular weight polyethylene,Wear resistance, resilience, self lubrication, low temperature resistance, suitable for fluid sealing.
4006Modified UPEOG-260/100D50170HBModified UHMWPE has better self-lubricating property and outstanding low temperature resistance, which is suitable for the environment with high wear resistance requirements
4007Modified UPEBK-260/100D45170HBModified UHMWPE has better self-lubricating property and outstanding low temperature resistance, which is suitable for water environment sealing
4015PEEKGY-60/300D6855HRCPoly ether ether Ketone,Wear resistance, self lubrication, anti creep performance, suitable for viscous colloid sealing.
4016Modified PEEKGY-60/300D6040HRCModified PEEK,Better self-lubricating property, outstanding anti creep performance, suitable for viscous colloid sealing.
4025POMWH-40/100D5035HRCPolyoxymethylene,Good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, excellent friction resistance. High mechanical strength and rigidity, high fatigue strength.
4035PIGD-270/300D6555HRCPolymide,Good self-lubricating, food grade certification, polyimide, insoluble in organic solvents, stable to dilute acid, not resistant to hydrolysis. It is used in aviation / aerospace, laser and other fields.
4045PAIBN-200/280D6550HRCPolyamide-imide,High strength, high insulation, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, self lubrication, low hygroscopic expansion coefficient and thermal expansion coefficient.
4055PCTFEWH-190/120D6050HRCPolychlorotrifluoroethylene,It has little water absorption, good mechanical and electrical insulation properties, good creep resistance and chemical stability .
4065PPLBN-60/260D5550HRCPara Phenylene,The self-lubricating property is superior to that of molybdenum disulfide and graphite, with extremely low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and excellent chemical stability.
9010NBRBK-40/120A6530HRCNitrile Rubber,Good oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance, strong adhesion. Its disadvantages are poor low temperature resistance, poor ozone resistance, poor insulation performance and slightly low elasticity.
9020FKMBN-20/230A7030HRCFluororubber ,High chemical stability, resistant to petroleum base / diester / silicone ether / silicic acid oil, resistant to inorganic acid, resistant to most organic / inorganic solvents / drugs, not resistant to low molecular ketone / ether / ester, not resistant to amine / ammonia / hydrofluoric acid / chlorosulfonic acid / phosphoric acid hydraulic oil.
9030VMQWH-70/220A6030HRCSilicone Rubber,Heat resistance / low temperature elasticity and excellent oxidation and ozone resistance, high permeability and gas permeability selectivity.
9040EPDMBK-50/150A7030HRCEthylene Propylene Rubber,heat resistance and weather resistance. Excellent resistance to chemicals, acid, alkali, detergent, animal and vegetable oil, alcohol, ketone, etc.
9110FFKMBK-15/330A7530HRCPerfluorlastomer,Replace kalrez 7075, kalrez 8900, continuous use temperature 330 ℃, short time 350 ℃.
9120FFKMBK-15/260A7630HRCPerfluorlastomer,Replace kalrez 6375, acid and alkali resistant, ketone, ether and amine chemicals
9130FFKMBK-15/315A7330HRCPerfluorlastomer,Instead of kalrez 4079, it has excellent physical properties and passed TGA test in anaerobic environment.
9140FFKMBN-15/315A7030HRCPerfluorlastomer,Replace kalrez 9100, rubber primary color, no filler, high cleanliness, special for semiconductor.

Steel Material

SS304,SS316L,SS2205,Hastelloy C276,Inconel 718,Elgiloy
SS304Cr19Ni10Fe71-100℃~500℃50304 stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, major used in food industry, not resistant to salt, seawater, acid and alkali and oxidant.
SS316LCr17Ni12Mo2Fe69-120℃~600℃150316L stainless steel, better corrosion resistance, commonly used food grade, resistant to salt, seawater, medium acid and alkali and oxidant.
SS2205Cr22Ni5Mo3Fe67-180℃~450℃10002205 stainless steel has higher yield strength and hardness than SS304/SS316L, and better corrosion resistance. Major used in petroleum and natural gas industry.
Hastelloy C276Ni59Mo16Cr15Fe6W4-180℃~400℃3000Hastelloy C276 Steel, nickel-molybdenum-chromium corrosion-resistant alloy, resistant to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, resistant to chlorine, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solution corrosion. Commonly used in chemical equipment, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, paper industry, aerospace applications, and acidic environments.
Inconel 718Ni54Cr20Fe17Nb5Mo3Ti1-200℃~650℃3000Inconel 718 Steel, nickel-chromium-niobium-molybdenum alloy, high strength, corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance, commonly used in liquid fuel rockets, low temperature engineering, nuclear engineering, acid environment.
ElgiloyCo40Cr20Fe16Ni15Mo7Mn2-180℃~450℃4000Elgiloy Steel, a non-magnetic cobalt-chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and high fatigue strength, is commonly used in rocket engines, oil and gas extraction, medical and space fields.

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