10 Sep 2016
September 10, 2016

Seal Compound

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CompoundColourTEM(℃)Hardness (Shore D)REQ Shaft H.(HRC)Recommended
CM-1760white2406255Pure white PTFE, ideal for food & Pharmaceutical, low sliding speed and pressure.
CM-1775Black2906560Black PTFE filled in carbon, good sliding and wear properties, ideal for water.
CM-1860white3006858White PTFE filled in glass fiber, ideal for medical and food processing, rotary shaft sealing
CM-1865Black3006455Black PTFE filled in carbon/MoS2, high pressure/speed resistance, ideal for screw air compressor.
CM-2159Black3006255Special for Motor, Low pressure high speed rotary, excellent elongation performance.
CM-2160Black3006355Special compound, high speed rotary, excellent elongation performance.
CM-3965Yellow3006045Special compound, ideal for oilless application.
CM-3975Beige3006245Special compound, ideal for viscous media sealing.