10 Sep 2016
September 10, 2016

PTFE Oil Seal Guides

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Seal Types Made From PTFE & Stainless Steel:

TypeProfileDirectionMaterialTEM(℃)PRESS(Mpa)Speed(m/s)Recommended Applications
TypeProfileDirectionMaterialTEM(℃)PRESS(Mpa)Speed(m/s)Recommended Applications
TCTCRotaryNBR/FKM/STEEL2000.0514Triditional rubber oil seal, not suit for high pressure or oilless application.
CSLCSLRotaryPTFE/SUS2601.525Single lip, ideal for high pressure, high speed, oil & oilless application.
CDLCDLRotaryPTFE/SUS2601.525Dual lip, redundant lip for better sealing, typical for screw air compressors.
CTLCTLRotaryPTFE/SUS2601.525Triple lip, extra excluder lip than dual lip, used in basement compressors.
DELDELRotaryPTFE/SUS2601.525Dual excluder lip, deal to keep water & dirt out.
SMLSMLRotaryPTFE/SUS2601.525Separate media lip, ideal to keep oil in and water & dirt out, in vacuum & positive pressure.
SSLSSLRotaryPTFE/SUS2601.010Spring loaded single lip, ideal for shaft runout upto 0.5mm or abrasive media.
HSLhslRotaryPTFE/SUS2600.540High speed single lip, for low pressure, speed upto 40m/s
PSLPSLRotaryPTFE/SUS2604.010High pressure single lip, for low speed, pressure upto 4Mpa
PDLPDLRotaryPTFE/SUS2606.010High pressure dual lip, for low speed, pressure upto 6Mpa
URIURIRodPTFE/PEEK/UPE3002015Internal diameter rod seal, for fluids.
URAURAPistonPTFE/PEEK/UPE3002015External diameter rod seal, for fluids.
URSURSRod/Piston/RotaryPTFE/PEEK/UPE3002515/3Rotary & rod seal, higher pressure, for gaseous media.
CRSCRSRod/Piston/StaticPTFE/PEEK/UPE300700.5Static sealing action and/or for slow-moving applications.
URFURFRod/RotaryPTFE/PEEK/UPE3002015/6With clamping flange for high pressure, low speed rotary shaft seal.
RSSRSSRod/RotaryPTFE/PEEK/UPE2607010/3With O-ring as static seal, for rough housing surfaces, high pressre, low speed.
RSMRSMRod/PistonPTFE/PEEK/UPE3002015Rod seal, separate two different media.